When Your Network Doesn’t Work

Falling into a passion was something I could have never imaged happening to me… As a kid I use to imagine finishing high school, getting accepted into a great college, and building the perfect career and riding off into the sunset and live the American dream. I had it all figured out; well at least I thought I did. That all quickly change once I entered my senior year of high school and as the end of the school year drew near, the crunch to figure out my life and career goals was coming around a little faster than expected. Different career interest came to mind as the months went by, but like clockwork, they quickly vanished and I found myself in one of the toughest dilemmas of my life at that time as I was undecided on my future. As I watch other classmates apply for colleges around the country and fill out scholarship and grant applications, I became frustrated and a bit discouraged. I would avoid conversations with friends, family, and teachers about what my future held. It wasn’t until I took a chance and spoke to a Navy recruiter during my lunch break who pitched a career dream I could not refuse.


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